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Hat tip to Jason Sorens for compiling the census data and Mark Warden Porcupine Real Estate for tax rates data.

This is a work in progress, rough draft, suggestions welcome (email admin -at- liberty603 dotcom)
Name Description
Tax rates Map shaded according to tax rates. Edit Delete
Tax Amounts Map shaded according to tax amounts. Edit Delete
Home Prices Map shaded according to home price index. Edit Delete
Liberty Businesses Some liberty businesses and organizations in New Hampshire. Edit Delete
Ron Paul Voters 2012 Map shaded according to % of voters for Ron Paul 2012. Edit Delete
Median Worker Earnings Map shaded by median earnings. Edit Delete
Rental Cost Map shaded by median gross monthly rent amount. Edit Delete
Population Shaded by population (2010 census) Edit Delete
Public Assistance Percentage of households on public assistance (2010 census) Edit Delete
Distances and Commuting Times Map is shaded by average commuting times (census 2010). On hover, driving distances and times are shown (Google Maps). Edit Delete
Unemployment Rate (2013) Map is shaded by average unemployment rate, Jan-Dec 2013, per NHES. Edit Delete
Liberty603 Score Edit Delete